The North Carolina Utilities Commission established the North Carolina Renewable Energy Tracking System (NC-RETS) to issue and track renewable energy certificates (RECs) and energy efficiency certificates (EECs). N.C.’s electric utilities use NC-RETS to demonstrate compliance with the State’s renewable energy portfolio standard. Renewable energy producers may register their facilities with the Commission. If approved, they can use NC-RETS to create RECs that meet the requirements of N.C.’s portfolio standard.

NC-RETS uses verifiable energy production data from participating facilities to create a digital certificate for each MWh (or thermal equivalent) generated from renewable energy. Electric power suppliers use NC-RETS to track the results of their energy efficiency and demand-side management customer programs. NC-RETS and all related energy production and customer program records are audited by the Public Staff of the North Carolina Utilities Commission. NC-RETS will integrate with all other renewable energy certificate tracking systems in the United States to allow for the import and export of RECs to and from North Carolina.