NC-RETS 9.0 Updates


Prepared by: Bryan Gower, APX Inc
NC-RETS Administrator


Introduction: In November 17th 2014, NC-RETS 9.0 implemented the following Change Requests:

9.0 Release


CR0014: REC Pricing Report

  • REC Pricing Report added to NC-RETS to allow the account holder to report the price per REC and to calculate the Price per Batch of RECs
  • The REC Pricing Report can be accessed from the Account Holder Reports module

9.0 Release2













  • RECs can be filtered by status using the tabs at the top of the report.

9.0 Release3


  •  Use the Price Per REC field to assign REC prices to multiple batches. All Batches in filtered report will be updated with the price. Please note that all prices previously loaded will be overwritten.

9.0 Release4


  • Press the link in the Price per REC column to set the price for an individual batch

9.0 Release5



  • Enter the Price per REC and select Save

9.0 Release6

  • When the REC Price is applied, the REC Pricing Report will display the Batch Price by multiplying the Price per REC by the Quantity.

  9.0 Release7




CR0016: QRE Sort and Search Functionality

  • Qualified Reporting Entity account types now have access to a new Report titled: QRE Projects

9.0 Release8


  •  QRE Projects report allows QRE to search and sort by the Reporting Entity Unit ID, NC-RETS ID, Project Name, Project Owner Company Name, Account Holder Name, State and Last Upload Date for all projects assigned to their account. 



CR0017:  Compliance Report

  •  All Compliance Reports including Public, Account Holder and Regulator versions,  now include statistics by fuel type and location
  • Open the Compliance Report via the Public Reports, Account Holder Reports or  My State/Voluntary Program Reports modules relevant to your account type

9.0 Release9


  • The Compliance Report now displays an additional table titled: Compliance Summary. The Compliance Summary table displays the quantity of RECs from In State and Out of State by fuel type

9.0 Release10