Forward Certificate Transfer

To create a Forward Transfer: Select the Create New Forward Transfer link located in the Recurring Transfer module of your Dashboard.   2. Fill out the Forward Transfer Registration Forward Certificate Name:  Enter a name for the Transfer Designate Project … Continued

NC-RETS Retail Sales Reporting Training (2016)

  NC-RETS has been updated pursuant to E-100, SUB 113 All electric power suppliers shall submit their 2015 retail sales data to NC-RETS by June 1, 2016, with each electric power supplier’s sales data provided separately This change will require … Continued

Generation Activity Log

Generation Activity Log The Generation Activity Log (GAL) is an Account Holder Report that  gives the Account Holder information about the generation loaded for each generator in their account and the status of the generation by activity date Company Name … Continued

NC-RETS 9.0 Updates

  Prepared by: Bryan Gower, APX Inc NC-RETS Administrator   Introduction: In November 17th 2014, NC-RETS 9.0 implemented the following Change Requests:   CR0014: REC Pricing Report REC Pricing Report added to NC-RETS to allow the account holder to … Continued